RAW Squash Vegetable Spaghetti
Squash Vegetable Spaghetti
1st March 2017
RAW Tomato Clear Pink
Tomato Clear Pink
1st March 2017
RAW Squash Zucchini Striato D' Italia
RAW Squash Zucchini Striato D' Italia

Squash Zucchini Striato D’ Italia

We could tell you that this packet holds a handful of magical seeds that grow into the bushiest, most productive zucchini plant on the planet. We could tell you that it produces dark green, pale-striped Italian heirloom fruit that taste like happiness. We could tell you to buy these seeds. But we don’t have to because we just did.

The giant blossoms of this plant are just beggin’ for a deep fry. For the more cholesterol-cautious amongst us, get ready to use the fruits in approximately 48 different ways: grate them, bake them, add the young ones to salads, throw the old ones at passersby, whip up stir-fries or zucchini pastas… and mail us for the rest of the list.

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RAW Introduction Icon - All year round

Sow in spring and summer, min temp 20C

RAW Introduction Icon - Sow

Sow in full sun, space plants 60 x 60cm. Grow multiple plants to assist pollination

RAW Introduction Icon - Germinate

Seeds will germinate in 5-10 days and can spread to 90cm

RAW Introduction Icon - Harvest

Harvest in 55-65 days