RAW Micro Greens Rainbow Blend
Micro Greens Rainbow Blend
1st March 2017
RAW Pepper Chilli Ghost Chilli / Bhut Jolokia (BEYOND HOT)
Pepper Chilli Ghost Chilli / Bhut Jolokia (BEYOND HOT)
1st March 2017
RAW Onion Cipollini Red / Yellow
RAW Onion Cipollini Red / Yellow

Onion Cipollini Red / Yellow

You’re probably saying it wrong already. “Chip-oh-LEE-nee” onions are no ordinary veggie, and are loved across the globe for their deep, delectable flavour. This variety grows into small bulbs (4-8cm) with pale, translucent purple flesh and copper-coloured skin. No matter how you pronounce it, this is a damn delicious onion.

Used raw, Cipollini Onions are a pungent partner for herbs and cheeses. When roasted, their firm, semi-sweet flesh caramelises for sublime sweetness. We can hear you inventing a Caramelised Cipollini burger in your head already.

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RAW Introduction Icon - All year round

Sow in spring and summer, min temp 15C

RAW Introduction Icon - Sow

Sow in full sun, space plants 5cm x 15cm

RAW Introduction Icon - Germinate

Seeds will germinate in 7-14 days

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Harvest in 80-100 days