RAW Lettuce Red Sails
Lettuce Red Sails
1st March 2017
RAW Micro Greens Rainbow Blend
Micro Greens Rainbow Blend
1st March 2017
RAW Micro Greens Old Mexico
RAW Micro Greens Old Mexico

Micro Greens Old Mexico

Tacos, tequila and and this blend of micro greens are just a few of the (admittedly stereotypical) things we love about Mexico. It consists of coriander, red beets, cabbage, radish and pepper cress, which would probably all taste surprisingly good in a taco. How did we only think of that now…

Micro greens look great on a plate and add a flavour kick, which is why they’re primarily used in fine dining restaurants – but you don’t have to be a fancy chef to grow them. Hey, we just gave you that amazing taco idea.

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RAW Introduction Icon - All year round

Sow in spring and summer, min temp 15C

RAW Introduction Icon - Sow

Sow thickly in trays and put on windowsills, or keep at the kitchen door

RAW Introduction Icon - Germinate

Seeds will germinate in 7-14 days and grow to 5-10cm

RAW Introduction Icon - Harvest

Harvest in 15-30 days